Allotropes Alluvial Diamond Project

Producing high value diamonds with potential for discovery of a windfall alluvial deposit. Average diamond values between US$200 and US$500/ct.

Newfield has five active exploration licences covering 1,002 km² of tenement holdings within the Bo, Bonthe, Moyamba, Pujehun and Kenema Districts in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone.

Current activities

Rationalisation of the operational footprint continued and surrender of EL12/2014 was notified to the GoSL for execution before the licence anniversary in July 2018. Further relinquishments will be considered as the Company focuses its efforts within better delineated targets.

An extensive GPR survey was completed over selected dredge targets. Results of the survey are expected to be available in the September quarter 2018.

At Gboyieya, gravel extraction from the first of ten planned paddocks commenced, and the 10 tph DMS plant was relocated from Sumbuya. Commissioning of the plant is expected to be completed in the September 2018 quarter, after which it will be used to produce a gravel concentrate for X-ray recovery and sorting at Golu. Gravel extraction is being done using a dredge pump and classifier, which precludes the need for draining the bulk sample pits prior to gravel recovery, and greatly reduces the cost, and increases the security associated with the process.


Infill auger drilling was completed at Tongiama, producing an Exploration Target of approximately 22,000 m² of mostly undepleted river flat gravel adjacent to the Sewa River. The Exploration Target is expected to contain between 1,000 and 4,000 carats at an average value of between USD$160 per carat and USD$450 per carat. A decision on whether to bulk sample the target will be taken in due course.

Dredge sampling of the Sewa River in the Tongie area provided minimal results and the work was discontinued. Two dredges will be relocated to Kpatobu, adjacent to the current Gboyeiya sampling work.


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