The Newfield group has been building strong relationships local communities and both local and national levels of government in West Africa over the last 16 years. 
The Newfield group has been working in West Africa for over 16 years.  In that time we have built strong relationships with both local and national levels of government, and various local communities.  Newfield engages with local stakeholders during regular meetings, which bring together members of local Chiefdom structures, local Government, and Members of Parliament, as well as landowners, NGOs and the general public.  These gatherings are an opportunity for the Company to keep the public informed of the Tongo Project’s progress, and for the community to provide specific feedback.


Job creation

A substantial number of people from the local communities surrounding where we operate are dependent on our operations for employment.

The Tongo Project is expected to create approximately 700 direct local jobs.  It is anticipated that this number will increase over time as skilled expatriate workers are replaced by local employees through Sierra Diamonds’ skills transfer programs.


Community and infrastructure development

Newfield’s community development efforts focus on contributing to the future viability of the communities surrounding our operations.

Community investment initiatives at Tongo will further expand as the Project commences construction and enters production.  These include grassroots support like the construction and fitting of local medical clinics, schools and community centres, and drilling and equipping of water wells, as well as repair of roads and basic infrastructure.

Environmental sustainability

Newfield’s exploration and mining activities in Sierra Leone are governed by Sierra Leone environmental legislation and regulations, including Mines and Minerals Act, 2009.

Environmental performance is reported from each site to management on a regular basis. Compliance with the requirements of environmental regulations has been substantially achieved across all operations with no instance of non-compliance noted.


2017-18 key achievements – social initiatives

  • Infrastructure development projects, including:
    • Access road and bridge construction – providing greater accessing for both producer and consumers in local villages
    • Provision of ferry
    • Construction of a medical clinic and water hand pumps
    • Gave structures and furniture to three communities
  • Creation of dredging program to minimise environmental impact and allow the community to derive economic gain from gold panning

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