Kumbgo Kimberlite Project

Low cost entry into discovery and evaluation of diamondiferous kimberlites in an area of high value (>US$400/ct) diamonds in an under-explored region of West Africa.

The Kumgbo Kimberlite Project comprises two exploration licences that cover a total of 670km² in the west of Liberia. The area has historically been known to yield large and high value diamonds from artisanal diamond diggings. A number of kimberlites are known in the area, mainly discovered in the 1970’s.

The area remains relatively unexplored by modern methods, with the exception of some work conducted between 2005 through 2010, in which wide spaced reconnaissance stream sampling yielded significant numbers of kimberlitic ilmenite in areas of diamond diggings. This suggests the presence of, as yet, undiscovered kimberlites. These anomalies provide targets for further follow up work during the dry season.


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