Kumbgo Kimberlite Project (Liberia)

Low cost entry into discovery and evaluation of diamondiferous kimberlites in an area of high value (>US$400/ct) diamonds in an under-explored region of West Africa.

The Kumgbo kimberlite project comprises two exploration licences that cover a total of 670 square kilometres in the west of Liberia. The area has historically been known to yield large and high value diamonds from artisanal diamond diggings. A number of kimberlites are known in the area, mainly discovered in the 1970’s.

Previous sampling by Newfield’s subsidiary company Stellar Diamonds yielded numerous samples with abundant kimberlitic indicator minerals, which would suggest the presence of as yet undiscovered kimberlites within the licence area.

Newfield has recently completed a low cost reconnaissance sampling throughout the two licences with the collection of 195 stream samples at a sampling density of approximately one sample per 3.4 square kilometres.  This is considered sufficient to identify areas anomalous with kimberlitic indicator minerals which can be priorities for future follow up work. 

The samples have been dispatched to a specialised laboratory in South Africa where processing for kimberlitic indicator mineral recovery is currently ongoing.

The licences have recently been renewed for a further two years to the end of February 2021.


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